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How consultation can make or break projects

Organising effective consultations is essential for public and private organisations, as we have seen how legal or environmental challenges can make or break major projects. A good consultation process can make all the difference to the success of a project.

In order for public organisations to succeed in planning and developing large projects, it is essential that they consult with the local community. This is not only because it improves buy-in for the project, but because responding to legitimate concerns about environmental impacts or community fears makes the project better as a whole. Our team of strategic consultation managers have experience organizing consultations for large multi-disciplinary projects, such as the £8bn Lower Thames Crossing being developed by National Highways. We believe that freelancers should be part of the mix in order to reduce overheads and ensure that all voices are heard. By consulting with the local community, organizations can avoid legal or environmental challenges that could make or break the project. Engaging with the community is simply the right thing to do, and it benefits everyone involved.

Our team has experience of organising consultations for projects large and small, from relatively small housing developments to large multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects such as the £8bn Lower Thames Crossing being developed by National Highways. Freelancers can be part of an effective team mix to reduce overheads associated with large agencies and bring in interim and specialist expertise where required.

Any major project - whether it's a new housing development, a new road or a huge infrastructure project - is likely to have an impact on the local community. They also provide an opportunity to address any concerns that people may have about a project, such as its environmental impact. Just look at how the discovery of 1cm jumping spiders caused the collapse of the proposed London Resort in South East England. No more UK Disneyland - at least for now!

So if you're planning a major project, make sure you include consultation in your planning process - it could make all the difference to the success of your scheme.


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